Jojoba Oil – 30ML


Jojoba Carrier Oil heals dry, itchy or red blotchy skin. Use Jojoba Carrier Oil on hair for frizz control & to control hair fall.


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Qudrat’s Jojoba Carrier Oil pampers your skin as you massage. It gets absorbed into the skin as you rub, revitalises it and leaves an enticing aroma all over.

FACE– Soulflower’s Jojoba Carrier Oil is perfect for your face. It is very effective against wrinkles and for chapped dry lips. Jojoba Oil is a great makeup remover as well.

BODY – Heals dry itchy & red blotchy skin, leaves body glowing.

MASSAGE – Jojoba Carrier oil is light, has a pleasant smell and doesn’t leave the skin greasy afterwards. It lends a shimmering touch to the skin.

HAIR – This organic oil is nature’s tonic for the scalp. Just 1 drop can be applied for the perfect shine and frizz control.

LEGS – Jojoba Oil provides a golden glow to the legs and makes them look gorgeous.

NAILS – Applying a small amount of Jojoba Oil on the cuticles removes all the dryness and makes them soft. Vitamin E present in this oil fuses the cuticles and lends you beautiful looking nails.

FOOT Р Encourages healing of the skin & prevents growth of bacterial & fungal microbes.

Eczema – Jojoba oil is incredibly moisturizing and easily absorbed by your skin. Jojoba oil treats the dry, scaly skin that’s a hallmark symptom of many people’s eczema. Jojoba oil font-family: is a daily treatment, even after your eczema episode has passed, because it promotes balanced skin oil production and helps prevent further outbreaks.


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